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Table of content:

Summary of Nations
United Kingdom
United States of America
A first Summary of a Sailor's Capabilities
Sailor Creation, Future Planning
Sailor Renaming
Sailors: Planning ahead
Stats for each Sailor Type
Abbreviations concerning stats
Advanced Sailor Stats
Calculation of Base Stats
Base-Stats Calculation Tool
Calculating Base-Stats on Boosted Sailors
Good Base Stats for different Sailors
Sailor Crew, Recruits, Experts and Veterans
Interactions between Skill, Recruits, Experts and Veterans
   Total Skill or Efficiency of a Sailor
How to gain Recruits/Experts/Veterans
Sailor Crew Growth per Level
Sailor EXP Gain in respect to the Ship he is on


First off, I'd like to welcome you to the world of NavyField!

NavyField is a game that mixes Real-Time-Strategy Gameplay with Role-Playing Gameplay, and this comes to you in a Naval Warfare Scenario .

This guide was written to teach you more about the RPG element of the game, if you're interested in information about the RTS part there is also a guide available which teaches you how to use Manual Aiming.

Manual Aiming is a key feature of the RTS part because it allows you quick control about your guns, and you won't master any advanced tactics perfectly without perfect knowledge about Manual Aiming.

Get the guide about Manual Aiming here (opens new window).


At a certain point of the game you will have to chose a nation you want to play with. If you decide for a certain nation be careful to convert your whole crew to that nation. Do not mix different nations on one ship (Exception: RadioMan)!

If you proceed in the game you may want to select a new nation. To do this you need new sailors. For an in-detail documentation on BO-upgrading, please refer to this guide (opens new window).

To understand the differences of the nations you have to understand the way in which the game developes:

Throughout the game you will enter certain stages.

These game stages develope from DD (Destroyer) to CL (Light Cruiser) to CA (Heavy Cruiser) to BC/BB (BattleCruiser/BattleShip), but at certain points you may also chose CV (Aircraft Carrier).

To see when you are able to chose what I'd suggest you to have a look at this section (opens new window) and look where the ship-lines diverge for each nation.

Also note: Once you chose a path for your Bridge Operator (BO) you cannot chose a parallel path. Example: When you chose "Z31" at level 20 as German you won't be able to select "SpaehKreuzer D38" at level 24 with this BO, you'd have to train a new one. Please refer to this Guide (opens new window) for additional and important information.

Now, let's have a look at each nation's advantages and disadvantages :

  • The final guns of each stage outrange the guns of other nations in that stage
  • Bonus to Engineers (speed!)
  • Great Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns
  • Guns and Ships are available a bit later (higher level)
  • Guns of each stage do relativeliy little damage compared to other nations (influenced by the fact that LightHE ammo is the best choice for Germans (range!))
  • Heavy, expensive armor
  • Monotone gameplay
Gameplay Style

Hit and Run! Lack of sheer brute force (damage per shell, armor efficiency) makes this (the combination of speed and range) the only way you can play with German ships. Use your great AA guns to shoot down enemy scouts to make this easier!

  • Best ship-mounted torpedoes in the game
  • Best torpedo-ships in the game
  • Big variety of CVs
  • Best AA Guns at high levels
  • Armor is not very effective
  • Very bad Support Crews
  • Bad AA at low and medium levels
Gameplay Style

You have much variety! Either go play with a good gun-based DD, or use a torp-only DD (so called "Torp Whore (TW)"), or use some of the good guns on CL/CA+!

  • Best damage per shell
  • Best armor
  • Bonus on Repairers/Restorers
  • Gain an additional Slot for Support Sailors aboard a ship compared to most other Nations at a certain stage
  • Armor is expensive
  • Not all ships can be properly armored
Gameplay Style

Brute Force! You can apply excessive amounts of great armor on your ship (so called "Armor Whoring") and have guns that deal a big punch. But watch out! Do not trade too many sailors for armor, because only if you keep full sailors you will have enough experts later on!

  • Great CVs
  • Good AA Aiming System (you see lines which indicated the height you are shooting at)
  • Hard hitting Guns and slim ship designs at BB stage
  • Well-balanced overall
  • Being "balanced" is also a contra: The Guns have no range advantage over all others at any stage
Gameplay Style

You have much variety, similar to Japan! Some of your DDs are good for torp-whoring, other for guns. Guns and ships are well-balanced overall.

A first Summary of a Sailor's Capabilities

The following list will contain all what is important about a Sailor. For more detailed information you'll still have to read through this whole Guide, this summary is only here to give you an idea of the complexity of Sailors and how certain things are connected..

Capabilities of a Sailor
  • Base Stats (very important)
  • Base Crew Size (neglectable)
  • Level
    • Nationality
      • Job (depends on Nationality and Level)
      • Skill Value (increases when levelling up, depends on Job)
      • Crew Size (increases when levelling up, depends on Job)
        • Amount of Recruits, Experts, Veterans
Some notes about the above:
  • You will find information about Base Stats further below.
  • Due to the massive increase in Crew Size when levelling up, differences in the Base Crew Size will be neglectable after a few levels.
  • The Level of a Sailor depends on how many Experience Points (EXP) he has gathered.
    To find out how much EXP a Sailors needs to level up, please refer to this list on (opens new window).
  • You can select the Nationality of a Sailor at Level 12.
    Please refer to this section of the Common Knowledge Guide (opens new window) for information important for players at level 12.
  • The Job of a Sailor determines which position on the Ship he can take, for example Bridge Operator, Gunner or Support.
    To promote any Sailor, just click on the CLS button to the bottom right of his icon. That button is only visible if there is a job available.
  • The Skill Value combined with the Crew Size and the amount of Recruits, Experts and Veterans determines the efficiency of a Sailor in a certain category. This is explained in detail further below.
To be able to fully understand how the Sailor System works, please read through this Guide and also check the other Guides!


SECTION A,1: Things to consider when creating a sailor

This pic shows the Busan (Neutral) Shipyard:

If you click the "NEW" button ([1]), a window about the possible new sailor displaying different values will come up. Each time you click that button you need to pay a fee of 10 (ten) points.

A quicker way to get a Sailor with new Stats , if you have already clicked "NEW" at least once and are in the window that popped up from that, is to click the "Roll Dice" Button [1B]. See the animation to the right.

Please watch the animation below

Then new stats will be generated. But you still have to pay the fee!!!
Before accepting a new sailor you should check the numbers (so called "stats").
After you have read all of the following (about stats) you can proceed to get yourself a Sailor. To do this, do as shown above and give the Sailor of your desire a name. Since version 1.099 you can also rename Sailors.

Sailor Renaming

Since version 1.099 you can also Rename your Sailors!
To do this, go to the ShipYard, Force mode.

Then click on the name [A] of the Sailor you want to rename:

And a new window will pop up. Here you will be able to type in the new name [B] you desire.

But note the Renaming Fee [C], it is higher the higher the level of the Sailor you want to rename is.

Sailors: Planning ahead

Keep in mind that not all numbers, "stats", are important for all types of sailors.

The types of sailors available vary between the four nations, so you should have a look at this site (opens new window) to look which types of sailors are available for each nation.

Depending on which nation you want to play as you should put together an appropriate crew.

Also keep in mind which line of ships you want to follow, for example: Are you more interested into the CV or the CA/BC/BB branch?

For CV you need good pilots, while for CA/BC/BB you need good gunners.

For gunships (CL and above) you should plan for your BO, 2 Gunners and 2 AA-Gunners as base crew.

Look at the Ship Charts to find out how many total Sailor Slots a ship provides to find out how many additional Support Slots you have on that ship.

Support Slots = Total Slots - 5 (Gunships only!)

This is the principle, it also applies on each nation's advantages/disadvantages which you should want to make full use of: Focus on for example good Engineers as German (You need to use your speed advantage to the fullest!) while as UK-Player you should focus on Repairers/Restorers.

"Focus" in this context does not mean "Get only sailors of that type", it means that for example for Germany you should have 1 Restorer + 1 Repairer + 2 Engineers while for UK it would be 2 Restorer + 1 Repairer + 1 Engineer. It is only a basic principle, mind you.

SECTION A,2: Which stats for which sailors?

I will break this down into the generic types, and not in-detail for each nation. You will still get the idea :)

Notes about Repair, Restore, Engine, [Engine]:

The stats Repair, Restore and Engine are in effect on all Sailors despite it's profession, but on the Support Sailor Types it is the most prominent, so having good Support Stats on your Sailors, even the non-Support ones, is a good bonus, but not the most important thing to look for, those most important stats are those I noted down below.

Please note that all Sailors contribute to the Soft Defense and the Repair Rate through their Restore & Repair Stats, but only the Engineer has an influence on the Speed through his Engine Stat.

Sailor Type Useful Stats Additional Notes
Bridge Operator Potentiality

Potentiality influences the view range and marking range, in which you can see shells impact
Repair influences the speed at which your ship repairs
Restore has a huge influence on your ship's "Soft Defense (opens new window)"
NOTE: If your BO lacks skill your shells might seem to "disappear" after a certain distance. Don't worry, they are still there! Watch the shell and use the speed/angle of the shell/shadow of the shell to imagine where it impacts. If you hit a ship, even outside your marking range, the impact will be marked.

Gunner Accuracy
Accuracy influences the spread of your shells
Reload influences the reload times of your guns
AA Gunner Reload
Reload influences reload times of manually operated AA guns
AAW influences the efficiency of the automated AA machine guns
Torpedo Man Torpedo Torpedo influences the time you need to reload your torps
Repairer Repair
Depending on whether you chose Repairer or Restorer his primary stat is boosted, but the other one is still important and improves the overall Support
Engineer Repair
Engine influences the time you can overheat your engine, the other abilities help with their respective tasks
Rookie Pilot Aircraft IMPORTANT: Only the Rookie can fly a ScoutPlane, the other Pilots cannot!
Therefore if you only need one Pilot as Scout in the future you can sod the Fighter/Bomber stats!
And again, planning ahead pays out if you know right at the start what you want to become one day...
Fighter Pilot Aircraft
Torpedo Bomber
Dive Bomber
Seaman Everything The Seaman boosts all other Sailors' abilities, especially at low levels, so the best would be either to get no Seaman at all or to watch for good [not necessarily great] stats in all sections
RadioMan None You only need one (1) RadioMan. He cannot operate guns, but you can use him to get a buddy-list ingame or to found a clan [higher level RadioMan needed to found a clan].
A RadioMan is also capable of "commanding" a neutral ship. (Thanks to SpinDizzy for the last info)

Section A,3: Abbreviations concerning Stats

These are the most common abbreviations:

For gunners: [X Accuracy] AND [Y Reload] = X:Y
For support sailors (including Support Sailor/Repairer/Restorer/Engineer): [X Repair] AND [Y Restore] AND [Z Engine] = X:Y:Z
For pilots (inclduing Rookie Pilots/Figthers/Torp Bombers/Dive Bombers): [X Aircraft] AND [Y Fighter] AND [Z Bomber] = X:Y:Z

Note: Instead of ':' , people often also use '/' or the like instead. The meaning stays the same, though.

When talking to others, ALWAYS say what type, level and nation of a sailor you are talking about.

Do you notice the sheme?

The stats given are reduced to the stats that matter for that type of sailor (exception: BO, because few people care about Repair:Restore on a BO, but only about Potentiality), read from top to down.

SECTION B: How the stats work

Now that you know which stats are important you need to know what all those fine numbers actually do and how the RPG-Element evolves around them.

Each time your sailor levels up, the value [1] gets added to [2].

[1] = Growth-Per-Level
[2] = Actual Skill

The differences of the value [2] between new neutral sailors are neglectable, because they won't matter in the long run (just think about the massive amounts that will be added to [2]. The higher you level the smaller the difference % will become).

So the important value to watch on your neutral sailors is [1]. As you can see from the Sailor Chart you will upgrade your sailors later on which will boost the value [1] even more.

Because the value [1] only gets added to [2] on a level up it is important to upgrade your sailors as soon as possible! Otherwise you would miss out important boni on [2]!
Check the Sailor Chart to decide the route of your sailor before upgrading to maximise your sailors' efficiency!

By the use of that chart you can also calculate a Sailor's future Stats

Currently this sailor has a skill of 25 in Reloading, with a Growth of 9.

Let's say we'd level him up 3 levels, then his skill at level 4 (3 levels from level 1) would be:


This method is also useful to calculate the skill the sailor will have many levels higher, let's say 30.

To calculate the skill of a sailor at level 30 you must already know which nation you plan to convert him to, because each nation has different boni. Check this site (opens new window) for the different boni.

Now let's imagine we want him to become a German Gunner:

1] Until he reachers level 12 he will grow with a rate of 9 (we are still looking at the Reload skill, mind you)
2] So at level 12 his skill will be 25+9*11=124
3] Then you will promote him to German, Armament Sailor
4] His Growth Rate increases from 9 to 19 (German Sailor +2; Armament +8; Together +10; 9+10=19)
5] His next promotion is at level 21
6] So at level 21 his skill will be 124+9*19=295
7] The Growth Rate increases from 19 to 23 (German Gunner +4; 19+4=23)
8] So at level 30 his skill will be 295+9*23=502

Easy, isn't it?

There is also a tool available that help you with these calculations. Please refer to Sailor Builder on

Calculation of Base Stats

If you got the the Sailor Chart for your Nation at hand you can also always count back to the Base Stats of a Sailor when someone is trying to sell you a sailor: Just substract all the Growth Boni off the current Growth Rate and you will have the base stats!

Let's look at an example for this:

  As you can see we have a level 78 Chief Gunner.
Now you need to know that he is German and we can start the calculations:

1.) For a Gunner only Accuracy and Reload matter, so we will only look at these
2.) Check when this Sailor had received Growth Boni. Use the KM Sailor Chart for this
3.) Level 12, Promotion to KM Sailor: +2ACC:+2REL
4.) Level 12, Promotion to Armament Sailor: +8:+8
5.) Level 21, Promotion to Gunner: +4:+4
6.) Level 41, Promotion to Heavy Gunner: +3:+3
7.) Level 63, Promotion to Huge Gunner: +2:+2
8.) Level 78, Promotion to Chief Gunner: +2:+2
9:) Sum up those boni: +21:+21
10.) Now take these values off the current values (32:32) - (21:21) = (11:11)
11.) So this Chief Gunner once had a Base Growth of 11Reload and 11Accuracy

Easy, right?

This tool by Tarrif will help you to calculate base-stats:


If you have problems with the above link (JavaScript needed) please click here

Calculating Base-Stats on Boosted Sailors

On boosted Sailors, their visible Stats are affected by the factor 1.2, compared to the stats of an unboosted Sailor .

There is rounding involved and some other things which might make it difficult to calculate the Base-Stats if you only know the boosted Stats.

However, there is a very easy workaround.

The boosted Stats are visible

Enter the RCT-Menu, and take off one Recruit.

Then the visible stats will change to their unboosted stats for as long as you remain in the RCT-Menu.

Now you can calculate back normally.

Upon the removal of a Recruit and staying in the RCT-Menu, the unboosted stats are visible

After that, just fill up the Recruits again (so that the Sailor does not lose Efficiency), leave the RCT-Menu, and the displayed stats will return to their boosted state again.

Do not worry, any visible changes to the stats you notice using that method will have no effect on the Sailor.

They are only visually.

Once you leave the RCT-Menu, the displayed Stats will return to normal.
Just Right-Click on the RCT-Button to fill up the Recruits again!

Good Base Stats for different Sailors

Now that you have learnt that the value [1] is important on a neutral sailor you might ask "But which values are good?".

This is a very important question.

For a future Bridge Operator (BO) the best value is 15 in Potentiality.

In all other stats a 12 is considered the best.

12s in both Accuracy and Reload are rare, so 11:11 (note the way I just say "11:11". This is short for "11 Accuracy AND 11 Reload" when talking about gunners. See this section for details on common abbreviations concerning stats) or a 12:11 / 11:12 are considered very good.
For your gunners it is important to get a pair of gunners who are similar in Accuracy:Reload, otherwise their spread and reload times will differ later on which will decrease your overall performance.

Watch only the numbers you need for a certain type of sailor. Please refer to this section of the Guide (scrolls up) for this information.
The types of sailors you want depend on your nation and your projected future style of gaming.
Always plan ahead!

SECTION C,1: The influence of Recruits/Experts/Veterans

Now that you know about the sailors' skills and how they are created, it is time to get to know the other important factor that influences your sailor's actual capabilities: The crew a sailor consists of.

When talking about "Sailors" until now you might have thought that "1 Sailor Icon on my ship represents a single man".

But this is not the case. In fact, a sailor icon represents multiple people who work together.

When you look at one of your own sailor's information window (right-click on one of your own sailors):

  You will note that there are multiple numbers in the lower area:

A: Number of Recruits
B: Number of Experts
C: Number of Veterans
D: Maximum amount of Crew possible on this sailor

And some familar numbers in the upper area:

[1] Skill Growth Value
[2] Skill Value (This is affected by the Growth. The Growth Value is added to this each time the Sailors levels up)
[3] Skill % Value

Some notes on the worth of Recruits/Experts/Veterans:

Recruits, Experts and Veterans add certain amounts of Ability (Ability is the power a Sailor gains only through his Crew) to a Sailor.

Type Ability Value added Additional information
Recruit 0 per Recruit Recruits should be used to fill up the Crew. Even though they don't simply add Ability, they are of value. Not using full crews has a severe, negative impact on the efficiency of a Sailor.
Expert 1 per Expert Experts are the main power of your Sailors. Getting a large amount of them is advisable.
Veteran 4 per Veteran Veterans are four times as efficient as Experts. However, they are hard/expensive to get.
Please note: They are worth a bit more than 4 Experts, but only slightly.

Now you might ask "Fine, but how do I see how good my sailor is now that there are multiple factors which influence my sailors' capabilities?"

SECTION C,2: How the Stats, CrewSize and Recruits/Experts/Veterans interact

First: The so-called Skill Percentage, or Skill% is the efficiency of a Sailor in terms of ability in comparison to if his whole Crew consisted of Experts, fully maxed out!

The Skill%, in combination with the Skill Value (which is just the number given as Skill in a certain category like Reload) and combined with the Maximum CrewSize is a great way to compare Sailors, because it is faster to give this Value and the amount of Vets instead of listing the amounts of Recruits/Experts/Veterans/MaxCrew.

The amount of Vets is still needed to be given because the amount of Vets makes a large impact on the Worth of a Sailor.
Where to find the Skill Percentage, or Skill%
Since version 1.115, you can simply read the Skill% from the Recruitment-Menu, or RCT-Menu, of a Sailor.

Access the RCT-Menu by clicking on the RCT-Button located to the lower left of a Sailor's icon.
The RCT Menu looks like this, and to find out the Skill% simply sum up the marked Values.

So, this Sailor would have a Skill% of 63%.

Skill% can even go above 100%!
The loss of Skill% when decreasing recruits is also visible.

So, this Sailor (now) would have a Skill% of 49%!

Note: The Values displayed in the RCT-Menu are rounded-down!

As you can see, having full crews is important for the highest Skill% and therefore efficiency!

Always max out your crews with recruits!!!

The Maximum CrewSize also affects the Total Skill of a Sailor.

If you want proof for this, then please look at the pictures to the right. Look for the Maximum CrewSize of the Sailors and the underlined SoftDefense Values.

If you want to know what Soft Defense is, please check this Guide (opens new window).

If you want to know how exactly the Maximum CrewSize increases with levelling, please check this part of this Guide (opens new window).

As you can see, double the Max Crew Size, double the Soft Defense.

The slight difference is there because a Veterans is worth slightly more than four Experts, which leads to some rounding occuring.

This means that the Maximum size of Crew affects the performance of a Sailor!

I tested it a bit, and it is correct. The one Gunner with bigger Crew reloaded faster than the "smaller" one, even though Stats and Skill% are similar!

What this is useful for...

Multiply the Skill% of a Sailor with an actual Skill-Value (for example the RELOAD value) and with the Maximum CrewSize of a Sailor, and then do the same for another Sailor. Then you are able to compare their actual skills. Let me sum this formula up:

Formula for the Total Ability

(Total Ability) = (Skill Percentage) * (Skill Value) * (Maximum CrewSize)

Please note that the Skill Percentage = Ability Rate given in a Sailor's RCT Menu is in percent. So with given values like 70%, 76% and -15% you have to sum up 0.7 + 0.76 - 0.15 = 1.31 and use that in the above formula. If you just sum those up to 131 your results will be wrong.

I also like to refer to the Total Ability as Efficiency.

Since Veterans allow you to go above 100% Skill Percentage easily, you can dramatically improve your Sailors by getting Veterans in addition to many Experts and keeping your Crews full by filling them up with Recruits.

This is very useful to compare Sailors of difference levels, different stats and different amounts of Experts/Vets/Recruits.

So the next time someone is bragging about his Sailors you can use this to look at those Sailors from a neutral point of view by being able to compare hard numbers instead of falling victim to assumptions.

You have now read much about what the Stats and Recruits/Experts/Veterans can do for you, so now you might ask
"How do I get Recruits, Experts and Veterans?".

SECTION C,3: How to gain Recruits/Experts/Veterans

Gaining Recruits (aka. "Healing a Sailor")

Many people think that they have to "heal" their Sailors.
Basically they only use the wrong word for it, what they really do when they "heal" Sailors is the Adding of Recruits.

The fastest way to "max out" the Recruits on a Sailor is to RIGHT-CLICK on the RCT button!

To manually Add Recruits in certain amounts, do the following:

Click on the RCT button below the Sailor in question.

You can do this either when he is in the Sailor Menu [A] or when he is on the Ship [B].

If you do it when he is on the ship you have to watch the displacement of the ship [B1]!
See the image to the left.

If you want to "max out" the Recruits on a Sailor all you have to do is to RIGHT-CLICK on the RCT button!

Recruits/Experts/Veterans weight all the same, though.

After clicking on RCT a new menu will pop-up, see the image to the right.

In this menu, click on the Number of Recruits [C] to enter the following menu:
In this menu, use the displayed Arrows or the MouseWheel to increase the amount of Recruits [D].

When you are done, click OK to leave this pop-up window, click OK to leave the other pop-up as well and you are done!

Gaining Experts

Gaining Experts is a semi-automatic process.

There are three ways of gaining experts:

1] You score a critical hit on another ship. Some critical hits (which also cause extra damage) will lead to an ingame-promotion. You will receive a message about it in the lower right corner that might look like this:

Please note that the first part of the message isn't always correct, but it is only the last part that matters.

Also note that not all criticals lead to a gain of experts.

Experts gained by this method are distributed randomly.

2] You perform good in battle (Several factors. I for myself have notices that sinking many ships gives a good amount of experts, but also the damage dealt seems to matter) which will lead to some promotions after the battle, so you will not be notified.

Check your amount of experts on your sailors regularly and you will notice when some have increased.

Experts gained by this method are also distributed randomly, but you can increase the chance of gaining Experts by having full crew on your sailors because the rule by thumb is:
"The more Recruits you have the faster you automatically gain Experts after battles" .

3] You may buy "Expert Increase" Item Packs from the official NavyField Store.

You have to be logged in to the site with your account in order to purchase items. Please read the Store Guide for additional information.

Gaining Veterans


The Gambling Method

1] Click on the RCT button [1] under your sailor's icon:

You may buy "Veterab Increase" Item Packs from the official NavyField Store, or gain them through a pure gambling process.


Let me explain that warning:

When you try to convert Experts to Veterans (Vets) you basically take 10 of your experts and play a gambling game with a chance of only about 10% for success (!!!).
If you lose this gamble you also lose your 10 experts! In addition, you have to pay a fee (points, see picture [2] below) for each try , no matter if it succeeds of fails.
This means that you should not try to often in a row ( Try twice per sailor at max! 1 Vet is worth 4 Experts. ) because otherwise you will lose to much of your Sailor Ability and suffer greatly (slow reload times, slow repair, etc.).

I strongly suggest to buy Veterans if you have the money, you basically buy yourself 'free time' since you do not have to replenish your Experts that often for the sole purpose of gambling for Veterans, so you can then spend that time for actual games.

2] Click on the box [2] that is to the right of "Veteran"

3] Click OK [3]


SECTION C,4: Sailor Crew Growth per Level

When a Sailor levels up, then his maximum Crew size is increased as well.
How much additional Crew is gained depends on the "Job" of the Sailor.
NOTE: When a Sailor's maximum Crew size is increased, no Recruits or the like are placed to "fill him up", you have to do that yourself.
Remember: If you want to "max out" the Recruits on a Sailor all you have to do is to RIGHT-CLICK on the RCT button!
Now, here's a list of "Sailor Jobs" and for how much the maximum Crew size is increased on a level-up:

Basic Sailors
Sailor Job Crew Growth
Neutral (No Job or Nation)
Nation-assigned, no job
Bridge Operator

Support Sailors
Sailor Job Crew Growth
Support Sailor
2nd Rep/Res/Eng/Pln/Son
1st Rep/Res/Eng/Pln/Son
Chief/CHF Rep/Res/Eng/Pln/Son
2nd Seaman
1st Seaman
Chief/CHF Seaman
Gunnery-Related Sailors
Sailor Job Crew Growth
Armament Sailor
Gunner, Tier 1
Gunner, Tier 2
Gunner, Tier 3
Gunner, Tier 4
AA Gunner, Tier 1
AA Gunner, Tier 2
AA Gunner, Tier 3
AA Gunner, Tier 4
Torpedo Man, Tier 1
Torpedo Man, Tier 2
Torpedo Man, Tier 3
Torpedo Man, Tier 4
Aircraft-Related Sailors
Sailor Job Crew Growth
Special Forces
Rookie Pilot
Fighter Pilot
Ace Fighter Pilot
Flight Squadron Leader
Torpedo/Dive Bomber
Ace Torpedo/Dive Bomber
Landing Force
Airlift Force
Thank you very much to Chagrin and LordKelvin for allowing me to use the data collected by them!

Note: Rep=Repairer, Res=Restorer, Eng=Engineer, Pln=Planesman, Son=Sonarman

Also Note: The mentioned "Tier"s refer to the stage of that Job in the Sailor Chart.

Please refer to the Sailor Charts for the nation-depending names of those.
Example: For the US, a Gunner, Tier 2, would be both the RLD Hvy. Gunner and the ACC Hvy. Gunner.

From this, you can learn one very important thing:

If you decide not to promote a Sailor to the next job of his Career on time, then you will not only miss out on stats-growth boni, but you also on Crew growth boni.
Please refer to this section (scrolls up) to find out why this is a really bad thing with vast impact on the performance on a Sailor.

Do not skip promotions!

The method of levelling a Neutral Sailor to a higher level fast (since Neutral Sailors get more EXP then other Sailors) and then promoting him to a job is known as powerlevelling. This method should, if at all, only be used for future Bridge Operators (since those will not miss out on so many stats boni and crew), but of course a powerlevelled one will perform worse than a normally levelled and promoted Sailor.

Section D: Sailor EXP Gain in respect to the Ship he is on

At one point you will notice that not all your Sailors are gaining the same amount of EXP.

This is caused both by the Job of the Sailor (see table)
and depends on the Level Difference between
the Level of a Sailor and the Level of the Ship he is on.

Also note: A Sailor can gain two levels per game at most.
Sailor Job EXP Gain
Support Sailors, Aircraft-Related Sailors
Bridge Operators, Radiomen, Gunnery-Related Sailors
Neutral Sailors, Nationalised Sailors without Job

Now, let's look at the effect occuring when a Sailor's Level differs from a Ship's Level (this is the level a BO would need to command it).
Basically, lower-level Sailors on a higher-level Ship and higher-level Sailors on a lower-level Ship will gain less EXP than a Sailor serving on a Ship of his level.

Then, one can say that a Sailor a certain levels below the Ship's level will gain less EXP than a Sailor with the same amount of levels above the ship. That's the case because, usually, higher level Ships allow you to gain a much higher base EXP.

A Sailor up to four levels below or up to 9 levels above a Ship's level will not suffer from any penalty.

The EXP Gain of a Sailor will never come to zero (0) just because of this Decay only!

For a Sailor to gain 0 EXP there either has to be a bug of the game involved, or Negative EXP.
Negative EXP is when EXP is taken away from a Sailor instead of given.

This only happens if you deal very little damage to the enemy, or none, while being on the defeated team, and only for Sailors of a slightly higher level (about 30 and above). For the most time, this won't happen, so don't worry.

Please refer to the table below to see the decay of EXP with growing level difference.

EXP gain of a Sailor in Percent in comparison to the Level of the Ship he is on
Graphical Display of the Decay
Level Difference
% EXP gained
SailorLevel below ShipLevel
SailorLevel above Shiplevel

This table only represents an outtake of the decay for all levels. For the full list, please refer to this list (opens new window).

Hopefully, you now know what to expect when you plan to put a low-level Sailor on your BattleShip :)

Thank you very much to KittyHawk for allowing me to use this data collected by him!

NOTE: The 1000 EXP you get as Premium Bonus per game for having a Premium Account are not affected by this decay!

You will still get the 1000 EXP Premium Bonus for a Sailor no matter how far his Level is off the Ship's Level!