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Based on Archer's Guide to TeamSpeak, modified by Obst


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Table of content:

Introduction to TeamSpeak
Where to get TeamSpeak
How to get on the NavyField TeamSpeak Server
Official Rules for the NF TS Server
Official FAQ for the NF TS Server
How to connect, unregistered
How to register an Account on the NavyField TeamSpeak Server
Basic features and possible actions on TeamSpeak
Moderators and Admins
Sound Input/Output Settings
The Quick-Connect
Switching Channels
Player Status on the TS Server
Text Messages
User Info

Introduction to TeamSpeak

What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is a tool that allows you to communicate to other people just like in a phone conference.

To do this, you need to download the TeamSpeak Client, and then you need a Server to connect to by using the Client,
and of course a Microphone and Speakers, preferrably a headset to reduce backcoupling and background noise.

TeamSpeak is very often abbreviated with "TS".

The NavyField TS Server's IP is, if you need further information on where to get TS and how to connect, just read blow.

Where to get a TeamSpeak Client

You can download the Client for your Operating System on

After you have downloaded and installed it, it is time to find us a Server.

How to set TeamSpeak up to get on the NavyField TeamSpeak Server

Official Rules for the NavyField TeamSpeak Server

- No harrassment
- No foul language
- No impersonating others
- Your ingame nickname MUST start with your full ingame name.
- No use of bots, or other scripts.
- No racist behaviour or language.
- No sexual or inappropriate language.
- No spamming the text area.
- If you are asked not to contact someone, honor their request, doing otherwise is considered harrassment.

*If you break any of these rules, remember that TS is a direct extension of your navyfield account and your account may be suspended*


NF Mods Team

Official FAQ for the NavyField TeamSpeak Server

Q: Will the official Teamspeak server result in a higher cost to the players?
A: No, not ever. Team NF has guaranteed this.

Q: Can you join the official Teamspeak server if you are a non-paying player?
A: Yes, all registered players are welcome.

Q: Why must I agree to the terms in-game before I can be registered?
A: So we can make sure you are a valid player in good standing.

Q: Will there be public channels anyone can go into?
A: Yes.

Q: Can my clan / fleet get their own private channel to moderate as they please?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the Team NF moderators be on this server?
A: Yes, almost all moderators are actively on the Teamspeak server.

Q: Why did you pick Teamspeak over Ventrillo?
A: Teamspeak was cheaper and required less bandwith usage.

Q: Will this Teamspeak server be located with the game servers and cause lag?
A: No, they are hosted on an entirely different server by another company. This involves several steps, please follow them strictly to avoid issues.

Now, let's get our first Connection Going

This is only for first-timers, it is strongly suggested to get a Registered Account as soon as possible
  1. Locate your TeamSpeak Client. If you have created one, click the Link on your Desktop:

  2. Browse the "Connection Menu", click on "Connect":

  3. This will bring you to a Menu in which you can Add and Manage Server Bookmarks:

    Here, Right-Click on the Servers Root and select Add.

  4. After naming the Server (you can change the name later on),
    you need to fill in some very important information on the right-hand side of the TS Menu:

    First, the IP address+port of the NavyField TS Server.

    Just Copy/Paste this:

    Second, the Name of your NavyField Account.

    Note: The Nickname does not have to be equal to the Log-In name you use later on, so you can add your ClanTagshere.

    Third, you can now rename the Server in your List.

    You can leave the rest blank!

  5. Now, with the information you have entered up to know you can access the Official Navyfield TS Server!

    However, in order to be able to properly use the NavyField TS Server, you also need to register your account.

How to register an Account on the NavyField TeamSpeak Server

The Registration Process is a pretty strict process,
but please understand that this is needed to ensure a calm and safe environment for all users.

Please follow these steps to get registered and to learn how to log on as a registered user:

  1. You need to meet certain requirements:
    1. To register you need to be an active NF-Player
    2. You must have also read and accepted the rules on TeamSpeak
  2. If you meet these requirements, talk to a Moderator ingame or use the proper Contact Support Form (opens new window, then log in).
    Those are the only possible ways to register, posting on the forum or by email is not accepted.
  3. After the Moderator has guided you through the previous step, your TS Account will be ready.
  4. To set your TS up to sign-in with this registered Account, you have to edit the Bookmark of the NF TS Server.

    You have to change the signup-type to Registered (before it was Anonymous by default).
    The Nickname is the name you will have when you are on the TS Server
    The Login Name and User Password depend on your NF Account Name and the Password you and the will set up Moderator in Step 2.

    Check this picture, it sums up how the Server Bookmark should look like:

  5. Congratulations! From now on you will be able to sign in as a Registered User on the NavyField TS Server!

Basic features and possible actions on TeamSpeak

OK, this Guide, up to now, only told you how to get on the NavyField TS Server, so now, let's look at TeamSpeak's general features.

Moderators and Admins

Some people on the Server have tags behind their names that contain CA and/or SA.

  • CA are Channel-Administrators, which means that they have powers like kicking players in the channel they are CA in.
  • SA are Server-Administrators, which means they have powers all over the Server.
Note: Clan leaders can get CA in their clan's channel. Ask a mod about this if you are a ClanLeader!
Also Note: If you try to "fake" SA/CA tags by putting them in your Name, you will be kicked/banned. DO NOT FAKE TAGS!

Sound Input/Output Settings

This is a pretty important subject, because you have to be able to hear others and you should set up your TS so that you do not annoy others.

Now, what do I mean with not annoy others?

It is pretty simple: When you have your Input Settings set up inproperly
you will either be "spamming" your voice or you won't be noticable at all, both situations are not good for anyone.

The easier part is to configure the Output Volume, which simply controls how loud you hear others.

To do this (please view the picture below), go to Settings -> Sound Input/Output Settings, [A], then select the Output Volume, [D].

In this picture, I also marked the areas you need to look at to control your input.

[B] marks the first important area:
There you can select wether you want to push a certain (configurable, press Set) key
or if you prefer to have your voice recorded automatically once it reaches a certain volume (configurable, use the slide, [C]).

To find out which method fits you better, please consider this:
- The Push-to-Talk Method
might look tough because you need to push an additional key on top of the NF keys, but because you have total control of when you want to talk, you are no annoyance to the other TS users, if you use the hotkey properly, that is
- The Voice-Activation Method
might look easy because it works automatically, but in some cases it can becomy an annoyance to the other TS users:
- When you have Background Sounds that trigger the transmission (Speakers, TV, Radio, mp3...)
- When the Microphone is too close too your mouth, then your breath alone can trigger the transmission
- When you have heavy, loud breathing, which can also trigger the transmission
- When you have tried it and for whatever reason, even after raising the Activation Sensitivity, the transmission is triggered when you don't want it to
So please, pick the Method, and in case of the Voice-Activation Method also the Activation Sensitivity,
that allows you to Communicate and at the same not be an annoyance.

People that annoy others due to their way of Transmission Triggering and refuse to correct it will be kicked from the TS Server!

The Quick-Connect

This feature allows you to connect to a Server without having to browse your address-book.
Once you put in the Connection-Info for the first time, it is remembered, hence the "Quick"-Connect.

To access it, click on Connection -> Quick Connect, as seen in this picture:

Switching Channels

If you want to join a specific Channel, just double-click on it.
Please note that some Channels cannot be accessed because they are restricted to Admins or passworded by its CA.

These are the Main Channels on the NF TS Server:
  • Lobby/Main
  • Arizona Server
  • Missouri Server
  • AFK area

Player Status on the TS Server

You can change your own Status by clicking on Self, then select your Status.
You can set more than one Status at once, selecting a Status again turns it off.

Different types of Status include (and are displayed with a Symbol next to a Player's Name):
  • Away: Player is AFK and will possibly not reply.
  • Microphone Muted: Player has muted his Microphone and therefore cannot talk on TS.
  • Sound Muted: Player has muted his TS Sound Output and cannot hear anything on TS.

Text Messages

If you lack a Microphone or want to tell another Player a URL/Link, you can use the Text Message Feature:

Right-Click on a Player's name, then select Send Text Message To Player:

You Receive Text Messages in the Event-Window at the bottom.

User Info

To get more info about a Player on TS, like his Sign-In Name and his Privileges on the TS Server,
just Right-Click on a Player's name, then select Get Connection Info:

If your want to Report a Player you need to take a Screenshot of this Player's Connection Info.

For info on How to take Screenshots, please refer to the Screenshot Guide (opens new window).


This should supply you with an overview on the TeamSpeak Features and on How to access the NF TS Server. Now go and Have Fun!