Guide: Trading

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By Obst with the help of HK707, Sovereign and Waratog


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Table of content:

The 'second password'
Standard Trading Requirement
How to fing a trading partner
How to innitiate a Trade
The Trading Interface
How to trade Ships & Restrictions
How to trade Sailors & Restrictions
How to trade Credits/Points
Making the Trade Perfect


This Guide will teach you how to trade with other players in NavyField.

First, let me give you a WARNING directly from the Developing Team, TeamNF:

Neither TeamNF nor any other developer nor any member of the Moderating Team is able to help you if you commit any action during the Trading Process which leads to you or anyone else having any sort of trouble. This includes
- Paying too much for something (Accidently or not)
- Selling/Buying the wrong item
- Lending anything to anyone who then refuses to give it back as well as any other action not listed here

Second, a 'second password' has been included for your own safety:

The 'second password'

Paraphrased from an official announcement by sobluegm (NF Game Master)

The second password will be required in for the following actions:

- Trading
- Selling ships from the ship yard
- Dismissing sailors
- Opening the Item storage window

How to set the second password: When you try to use one of functions mentioned right above for the first time, a message asking you to set the Second Password will pop up on a window. Follow the procedure and you will be able to set your Second Password for your account.

For security purposes, the number pad on the Password window will not form in a fixed pattern like your keyboard. the pattern of the numbers will change whenever you open a new Password window, so DO NOT ARRANGE YOUR PASSWORD IN PATTERNS.

You should always remember your password and do not share it with anyone else. TNF/SDE can't be held responsible for those who are in trouble due to sharing the second password and thereby lost the access to these functions to another player who is not the owner of the account.

Getting started...

Trading Requirements

Before you can trade with other players you need to fulfill a certain requirement:

- You need to have 50.000 (50k) Credits and Points before you can trade with other players.


And of course... you need someone to trade with!

How to find a trading partner

In order to find someone to trade with, may it be for selling or buying, you have two main options.

1] Directly go to one of the Trading Areas ingame (see this section of this Guide) and look for sellers or create a room yourself

Before you open a room with the goal to buy something, you should first check the other rooms in the trading areas if there is anyone selling what you desire. Otherwise create a room yourself. Label it accordingly so that people know what you want to do. Do want to sell something? Label the room WTS XXX, where you replace XXX with a short description of what you want to sell. Usually the most-traded items are Sailors, so I'll give an example: Let's say you got a US Engineer for sale, Level 96, Base +11 in the ENGINE stat, boosted and with full crew, around 100 Veterans and full Experts. Then you would label the room WTS US Eng +11 Lv 96 B/V/E.

As you can see, from that title one can easily tell which nation, job, base stat and level the sailor you got for sale has. The B/V/E indicates that the sailor is boosted and with full crew, around 100 Veterans and full Experts. I'll sum up the most-used abbreviations for trading:

  • WTS - Want to Sell
  • WTB - Want to Buy
  • WTT - Want to Trade - Indicates that e.g. a sailor is to be traded for another sailor
  • B/V/E - Indicates that the sailor is boosted and with full crew, around 100 Veterans and full Experts

2] Check the Trader & Barter section on the official NavyField forums

In this forum section you may easily check what is for sale through the various search options, or you may create your own tread. The same common terms for labelling as for trading rooms ingames is used, so look above for more info.

How to innitiate a Trade

To innitiate a Trade you need to be in a so called "Trade-Room".
The aresa that you may use for trading (everyone who wants a large audience for trading goes there) are Area 13 and Area 18

Go there, than either join an existing room or open your own.

To open your own click on a free space, the following menu will pop-up. Follow the instructions:

Now you will find yourself into your own room.

Once another player joins there are 2 Options to start the trade:

1) You double-click (left mouse button!) on him. Then he has to accept your invitation to trade.

2) He double-clicks on you. Then you have to accept the invitation.

The invitation looks like this:

Once you or him press YES the trade will be innitiated and a new window will pop up:

The menu looks similar for both parties.
On the right side you can see/select your Sailors/Ships/Credits/Points.
On the left side you can see what the other party is offering.

The Trading Interface

The buttons you see in that menu have various functions, I used colors to show you what is what:

Let us go through the functions of those in more detail:

"Confirm Selection":

Once you click this, the other party will be able to see what you have selected for trade, and vice-versa.
You cannot change anything of your offer while you have toggled CONFIRM on.

You need to select at least One Credit, One Point, One Sailor or One Ship to be able to toggle CONFIRM,
otherwise you will get an error message:

"Select Ships to Sell":

This open a new menu:

To select/deselect a Ship for Offer just left-click on the Checkbox!

Any Ship you have selected for Offer will be shown in the box (marked teal in the picture above)!

You can enter the Ship Menu as often as you want (as long as you have not toggled CONFIRM on) and change your selection.

You need to pay a TAX in the form of CREDITS when you are selling a ship! The bigger the ship, the bigger the TAX!

Someone who is willing to trade a ship has to have a BO that is capable of using that ship (Nation/Level/Ship selected), else it won't work!

NOTE: It does not matter if one can actually use a ship (BO) one buys!

NOTE: You cannot sell Ships with Sailors on them/on its Support Slots!

NOTE: You cannot sell remodeled ships like the Z46, Prinz Eugen or the like.

"Select Sailors to Sell":

This open a new menu:

To select/deselect a Sailor for Offer just left-click on him!

Any Sailor you have selected for Offer will be shown in the box (marked teal in the picture above)!

You can enter the Sailor Menu as often as you want (as long as you have not toggled CONFIRM on) and change your selection.

You need to pay a TAX in the form of POINTS when you are selling a Sailor!

However, there are some restrictions on trading Sailors:

- You can only trade certain types of Sailors of certain levels:
- You cannot trade Neutral Sailors below level 6
- You cannot trade Radiomen
- You cannot trade Neutral Sailors above level 11
- You cannot trade Bridge Operators
- You cannot trade National Sailors without a profession
(eg. you CANNOT trade a German Sailor but you CAN trade a German Armament Sailor)
- You cannot select Sailors which are on Ships/Support Slots
- A player cannot have more than 50 Sailors.
An error message will pop up (When you click CONFIRM) if the trade would break this limit.

"Change the Amounts of Credits/Points you offer":

You can put any amount you want here!


You need to have 50k Credits and Points at all times during the trade,
Otherwise you receive an error message once you click CONFIRM

You will notice quickly that clicking on the arrows to change the amounts is slow.

However, doing the following is much faster:

Double-Click into the box (Credits or Points).

A small keypad will pop up which you may use to enter any amount of Credits/Points!

"Making the Trade Perfect":

Once you and the other party have selected everything they want to trade and are happy, you both need to click the

button. If everything was done properly, the Trade Menu will vanish for both of you and the other party and you will both see

If anything went wrong in the trade there should already been an error message when you and the other party toggled CONFIRM on.

If there is any error please check the restrictions on Trading I mentioned!